How PCOD can actually be tested?


How PCOD can actually be tested?

PCOD a strong name for the most common problem. Girls generally get terror stricken whenever they hear this word PCOD. However, if you take my advice, then I must say there is nothing o worry. PCOD in common language mean decreased or no periods. When there is a change in the menstrual cycle, it seems to be an alarming thing for a woman. There can be many health reason involved in this process. Each body performs differently. It never means that if the other one is having some symptom and you don’t so you are safe. It is possible that PCOD has already attacked you without showing any prior system. No need to worry the PCOD profile can be tested very easily through the following procedure. So, keep calm read the article you will soon be in good health.

1. Check yourself first:

Before you set out for some lab test, the first thing you must do is test yourself first. Check yourself whether your body is performing abnormally or not. She if you have rigorous hair fall, extensive facial hair or your periods are facing problems. If none of the above has occurred you are still not so near the danger zone. Now you can go for a lab test with relax attitude.

2. The Ultrasound

Ultrasound, we all known what ultra sound is. However, in this case the things are a bit different. In these type of ultra sound the pipe with a camera on it’s head though very small in inserted through your vagina and then it becomes easier to see if you have some cyst or not.

3. The Blood Tests

Now the second method of testing is through blood test. They will carry out different types of blood tests like SHBG, DHEAS etc. Through these, they will determine whether your body is ok or it needs the required treatment.

4. Do the  other tests

Other tests are like the cholesterol test, the thyroid test, the blood pressure test etc. The tests help you understand how your body is actually performing and is the problems within your body is occurring for some other reason or not.

5. Stay calm and work accordingly:

You must always need to stay calm and work accordingly. If you are not calm and clear then you will grow some other problem with your body.. So do stay calm and test well.

Get tested feel better:

It is time for you to be tested and feel better again. There is no logic in keeping a problem hiding within your body. Get the test done immediately and immediately get thyrocare test booking now.